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We are delighted to give you access to our ever growing library of informative and fascinating webinars 

Discover a wealth of invaluable knowledge in our webinar gallery, featuring presentations by esteemed panel of mental health Experts, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists. Delve into topics directly relevant to legal representatives, addressing issues that impact your cases and clients. Many of our webinars are CPD accredited, ensuring they contribute to your professional development.

Explore our on-demand webinars for insights that are both educational and captivating. Gain a deeper understanding of complex issues and enhance your expertise with our thought-provoking content. Click through the selection further down the page to browse our curated selection and unlock a world of expertise.


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We are continually adding to the list of fascinating topics that our Experts will be discussing in our future webinars. Here is a selectin of what we will be bringing to you later this year.  

Dr Dan Barnard, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

9am on Friday 21st June 2024.

Real-world psychological therapy for PTSD 

Presented by Dr Dan Barnard, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

A fascinating insight into the psychological treatment journey for people with PTSD.
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Pressented by Dr Dan Barnard, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Presented by Dr Dan Barnard, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Barnard gives insight into the psychological treatment journey for people with PTSD, which can be a significantly debilitating mental health disorder.

Traumatic experiences by their very nature are often the most difficult events that people have endured in their lives and PTSD causes these to be involuntarily relived, over and over.  Those affected understandably want to avoid the memories and yet trauma focused CBT is mostly about doing the opposite.

Thorough assessment and theory explanation, relationship-building and emotional skills development all precede the difficult task of confronting the actual trauma memories head on, together in a room with a therapist.  

Hear some more about this with real-life, down-to-earth examples from Dr Barnard from his experience in over 20 years working with PTSD including with military veterans.  

Don't miss this opportunity which will deliver invaluable insights on PTSD and its treatment, essential knowledge for effectively supporting clients and patients grappling with PTSD.


Dr Derek Blincow, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

9am on Friday 20th September 2024.

Presented by Dr Derek Blincow, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Further details coming soon 

Presented by Dr Derek Blincow, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist 

Details coming soon 

Dr Laura Pipon-Young

9am on Friday 11th October 2024

Presented by Dr Laura Pipon Young, Clinical Psychology and Chartered Psychologist 

Beyond Stereotypes: Unveiling the Truth about Women Sex Offenders
Further details coming soon 
Dr Sam Nayrouz

9am on Friday 15th November 2024.

Presented by Dr Sam Nayrouz, Consultant Psychiatrist

Adult ADHD - further details coming soon 
Full details coming soon

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Breaking Point:Why mothers harm their children

Presented by Dr Laura Pipon-Young Clinical & Chartered Psychologist

Research suggests about 20% to 50% of parents will have thoughts of harming their baby at some stage, especially in the first few weeks of life. For the vast majority, this will remain just a thought - most likely an intrusive, unwanted one at that. However, some will find themselves hurting their child deliberately, perhaps causing serious harm and even death. The question is why?

This webinar explores areas such as maternal mental health, post-partum psychosis, personality factors, sleep deprivation, physical health, relationship issues and attachment, along with the meaning of the child to the parent.

Is it ADHD?

Presented by Dr Julia Ronder, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

With staggering statistics - approximately 1 in 25 individuals meet the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis - this webinar will help you understand the nuances: While many may exhibit ADHD-like symptoms, only a fraction require medication for significant impairment.

Dr Julia Ronder, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience in both the NHS and the private sector will draw on her expertise to address several areas of this fascinating topic such as:

What is a thorough assessment of ADHD? / What else could explain ADHD symptoms, and what conditions can co-exist with ADHD? / How is ADHD managed? / What are the pitfalls and the benefits of medication? / What about ADHD and the law? / When is ADHD a superpower?

Navigating Perinatal Psychiatry and Fabricated Illness in Expert Testimony

Presented by Dr Charlie Musters, Consultant Adult & Perinatal Psychiatrist 

An enlightening webinar in which Dr Charlie Musters, a highly experienced Perinatal Psychiatrist, will delve into captivating insights beneficial for both legal practitioners and mental health Experts alike.

In this compelling session, Dr Musters will explore four pivotal areas:

Parents' mental health in Family Law Proceedings / Psychiatric injuries following obstetric negligence / Psychiatric care breaches of duty / Fabricated or Induced Illness (also known as FII, and previously Munchausen By Proxy)


The Intricacies of PTSD and Trauma

Presented by Professor Walter Busuttil, Consultant Psychiatrist
An exclusive webinar hosted by one of the leading experts, both nationally and internationally, in PTSD and trauma. Professor Busuttil unravels the complex tapestry and multifaceted dimensions of PTSD and trauma, discussing the intricate similarities between PTSD and other conditions such as Psychosis and BPD.
In this webinar you will learn about: Early interventions – Ukraine War Civilians, COVID-19, Earthquake and Disaster Victims, Military Combatants / Classification - Complex PTSD, Trauma   Related Grief / Emerging concepts – Moral Injury / Physical illness and PTSD / Use of medications / Psychedelic assisted therapies / Similarities between PTSD and closely connected conditions / General points about expert witness practice / Online vs in person assessments

The Post Office Scandal - The Human Cost

Presented by Nick Wallis, Award-winning TV and Radio Journalist

Nick Wallis, who published a book detailing this scandal, will take you through the jaw dropping facts of one of the UK’s most significant miscarriages of justice.

Over a 20 year period, sub-postmasters complained about bugs in the Horizon system. However, The Post Office prosecuted 736 branch managers, at the rate of one a week for false accounting. Many lost their homes, savings, jobs and friends. Some went to prison, three committed suicide. In 2019 a High Court ruling found that the Horizon system was indeed floored. When The Post Office had found out the system was flawed, they covered it up.

In April 2021, the Court of Appeal quashed the convictions of 39 former sub-postmasters and ruled their prosecutions were an affront to the public conscience. Since then, a further 550 have been quashed, but even now hundreds of victims have received no compensation and no one has been held accountable.


If you would like us to cover a mental health topic that would be useful for you and your colleagues, please do get in touch.